Frequently Asked Questions


If you have a BOGOF code, add the extra ticket at the time of purchase and you would not be charged for it. This means you would be charged the same price for 1 and 2 tickets. No extra tickets are added after your purchase.

Infants (0-2 years) enter for free
Children ( 3-11 years)
Adults ( 12+)

No. All ticket puchases must be done on the water park website.

There are 3 ticket categories; Standard, Fast-track and Premium. Please see tickets for prices and what each ticket type includes.

Please see tickets for prices and what each ticket type includes.

Onsite parking is free. The Giwa Gardens Water Park can accommodate 800 cars and visitors will be charged nothing. The park will be secured with CCTVs and security personnels. However, please ensure that your car is properly locked and that you remove all valuables, as the park will not be held accountable for any theft.

Everyone who enters the park must purchase a ticket.

Yes you can, as long as it is same day and you are wearing your ticket wristband

For day admissions, you are welcome to stay as long as you wish on the day of your admission. Night parties are booked specially and a day ticket does not admit you for a night’s stay.

how to book a ticket

Please go to and on the home page, use the find ticket search to select a date, number of tickets and add your coupon if you have one.

how to book a ticket

How do I use my coupon

How do i use my coupon

how to use my coupon

For example, if you are using the BUY ONE GET ONE FREE (BOGOFF) coupon and it has not expired, it will be applied in your basket page. If you have not added it, you may do so in the coupon text field and click ‘apply’. Upon applying, you will have an additional ticket added and your discount displayed as in image below:

how to use my coupon

The current coupon code is: GIWA241. If you are buying just one ticket, the code will not apply as you can see in the image below. You have to select two tickets to get another one free.

how do i use my BOGOF?

For example in the image below, I have selected 2 tickets and the second one has been added totally free.

how do i use my BOGOF

If you are buying 3 tickets, you get one free and pay for 2. If you are buying 4 tickets you get two free and pay for two. If you are buying 5 tickets, you get 2 free and pay for 3. The discount only applies in two’s .

We operate a cashless environment at Giwa Gardens water park and as a result, all purchases must be done online, however you do not need to buy these until a few days to your ticket dates or on the day. As a result you can select “I’ll do this later”

Food and accesssories

You can select to pay via Paystack or Squad. Both payment options are available for you.

placing your order

You have the option to pay via card, bank, transfer, in USSD or Visa QR. If card option fails we recommend bank transfer as it tends to work 99.9% of the time. Please follow the instructions.

Paying via Paystack

Your tickets will always be in your account page however once payment is successful you are notified of your booking and given the option to view your tickets. Please note that tickets are not assigned until you have assigned them yourself. You are free to do this whenever you want before the day of your dated ticket.

Getting your tickets

Ride Restrictions

Each of the rides has a specific weight restriction generally from 40kg-90kg. See our rule book for a comprehensive list of the individual limits. 

Each ride has its individual height restriction which ranges from 1.4m-2m. Please see our safety guidelines for a list of all height limitations

The rides at the water park are not recommended for infants, toddlers and the elderly; from age 55 upwards. Please see our rule book for a comprehensive list of the limitations.

The rides are not recommended for pregnant women, individuals with heart diseases, high blood pressure or any related conditions. Please see our health and safety guidelines for a comprehensive list of restrictions.


See our rule book for a comprehensive list of The Giwa Gardens Water Park rules. Some of them include:

See our safety guidelines for a list of all rides and experiences as well as their respective age requirements.

No pets are allowed at the Water Park
For a list of  don’ts, please see our waterpark rules and guidelines

No, food items are not allowed to be brought into the park 


Yes. Swim suits, phone protectors, swimming caps, goggles, beach slippers can be purchased at the water park. See accessories for a comprehensive list  and their prices.

You are also required to rent floating tubes and life jackets while purchasing your water park tickets. These can be rented as a bundle with other accessories. Please note that towels, life jackets and floating tubes are not for sale and must be returned before leaving the park.